Our School Curriculum

We @ Kidz Kingdom believe every child needs an opportunity for interaction, learning and develop their knowledge of the world through rich learning Environment. We provide ‘Drama-based’ Curriculum which focuses mainly on Role Play. Our drama based approach engages young preschoolers to achieve learning through interactions in the preschool environment using drama-based strategies which are typically improvisational. The strategies are guided by the experienced trained teachers which enable our preschoolers to imagine, enact, & reflect upon.

At Kidz Kingdom, the learning environment is multi-sensory and integrates auditory, visual, & kinesthetic types of experiential learning. The environment fosters metacognition/active learning; communication abilities; problem-solving, critical thinking, & collaborative skills; and fosters creativity. Our preschoolers are highly engaged and have displayed their skills during learning centre activities along with their peers.

A typical lesson in Kidz Kingdom is integrated to develop the 6 domains

Language & Literacy


Aesthetics & Creativity

Discovery of the World

Motor Skills Development and

Social & Emotional Development in a child